Blending a combined 60 years of community and enterprise development experience, the founding Directors (Anne E. Timms and Janine Ward) share their skills and passion for asset-based citizen-led development in a holistic flow of goods and services. With a skilled team of facilitators, individuals and community groups are guided through a participatory process of igniting personal potential to strengthen community capacity for citizen-driven change. The belief behind the vision (to Spark Personal And Community Essence) is that everyone has within them the potential (essence) to do things for themselves, but because of life circumstances or environmental, political or social pressures and injustices, it is challenging to realize this potential. SPACE for Impact want to come alongside and spark that potential into life, and support individuals or groups until they are strengthened to continue on their own.

Our key areas of focus is:

1. quantitative measurement tools (the Poverty Stoplight)
2. foundational Asset-Based Citizen-led Development (ABCD) training personal skills development (goal-setting and vision boards; Truth About Trust; Tree of Life; NLP, HIV competence; financial literacy; business management, economic development, capacity building)
3. and portable skills development – a wide range of skills in animal and plant production; mechanical; road and building construction, household; legislation and more
4. intensive one-on-one, virtual or group mentorship to ensure success for projects, entrepreneurs and enterprises.
5. graphic design and technical support – assistance with development of company profiles, business card and logo design, photography, animations, videography, visual story-telling and book illustrations.


We are a small but highly skilled and experienced team equipped to consult, strategise, facilitate, advise and mentor our global clients. Our size gives us agility, and we collaborate with organisations and people who bring complimentary skills to ensure we deliver on the promises we make to our clients.

Whilst we have trained consultants, facilitators, mentors and coaches in various countries, SPACE for Impact are led by:

Anne E. Timms : Director

Janine Ward : Director

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